Dr Michael Zhao

Dr. Michael Zhao, B.D.S (Otago); D.C.D Ortho (Melb), is a dedicated registered specialist orthodontist known for his unwavering commitment to providing exceptional orthodontic care. He embarked on his professional journey with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Otago, New Zealand, laying the foundation for his fulfilling career.

Dr. Mike’s dedication to the field of Orthodontics was kindled during his role as the Dental and Oral-Maxillofacial House Surgeon at the Christchurch Public Hospital. Here, he actively engaged in treating patients with cleft palate, lip, and various craniofacial anomalies, solidifying his passion for the discipline.

Following his practice in New Zealand, Dr. Mike sought advanced education, culminating in a Doctor of Clinical Dentistry degree in Orthodontics from the University of Melbourne. His commitment to achieving positive treatment outcomes was further honed during several years at another busy private practice in Melbourne before he joined Dr. Robinson in Toorak, contributing his valuable expertise to the team.

In addition to his clinical contributions, Dr. Mike has played an important role in shaping the future of orthodontics by guiding and instructing future Orthodontists at Melbourne University and serving as a clinical demonstrator at the Royal Melbourne Dental Hospital. This commitment not only allows him to stay updated on the latest evidence-based research and advancements in technology, significantly enhancing his practice and patient care, but also helps him share his knowledge and passion for orthodontics with the next generation of practitioners.

Outside his professional life, Dr. Mike values a harmonious work-life balance, cherishing moments spent with his family. When he steps away from the rigors of work, you’ll often find him enjoying audiobooks as a peaceful avenue for relaxation and personal growth. Additionally, he delights in playing with his son James and maintains an active lifestyle through regular exercise with Greg, his personal trainer.